TRUST aWARE Partners with RomeCup2024 to Advance Robotics and AI for Sustainable Solutions

TRUST aWARE Partners with RomeCup2024 to Advance Robotics and AI for Sustainable Solutions

We are pleased to announce that TRUST aWARE, a pioneering project under Horizon 2020, is joining forces with the #RomeCup2024 event. Scheduled to take place from March 20th to 22nd, the RomeCup will be held at the University of Tor Vergata and Campidoglio.

The 17th edition of RomeCup, entitled “Artificial intelligence and robotics for the challenge of holistic sustainability” is promoted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale in collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata, sponsored by Roma Capitale, Regione Lazio, Unindustria, and the Italian Association of Robotics and Automation (SIRI), and organised with Italian Tech and the GEDI publishing group. The event is aligned with the positive trend of making technology an ally in building a sustainable future.

One of the most exciting features from the previous edition of the event is back: the “Most Promising Researcher in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” award. In partnership with the Bio-Médico University Campus of Rome and the GEDI Group, this award recognises researchers, doctoral students, and/or recent doctors up to three years after graduation, involved in research projects in the areas of robotics and artificial intelligence. RomeCup2024 serves as an important platform to catalyse progress in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and innovative technologies. The event encourages collaboration and knowledge dissemination among participants from diverse backgrounds. In this context, the TRUST aWARE project stands out for its objective of developing reliable and secure software solutions. Through RomeCup2024, Fondazione Mondo Digitale aims to foster the engagement of diverse groups interested in the topic, including researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers, to promote the adoption of these solutions.

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