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The latest (and last) TRUST aWARE newsletter is out!

We are excited to bring you the final edition of the TRUST aWARE newsletter. While our project may be coming to a close, its impact on digital security will continue to be felt.

Valuable Achievements of the TRUST aWARE Project

The TRUST aWARE project has made significant strides in enhancing the security and privacy (S&P) ecosystem through active engagement with key stakeholders.

New infographics!

We are happy to share a couple of infographics that should support policy makers and stakeholders in the context of user-centric Security & Privacy (S&P) tools.

TRUST aWARE Partners with RomeCup2024 to Advance Robotics and AI for Sustainable Solutions

We are pleased to announce that TRUST aWARE, a pioneering project under Horizon 2020, is joining forces with the #RomeCup2024 event. Scheduled to take place from March 20th to 22nd, the RomeCup will be held at the University of Tor Vergata and Campidoglio.

Banking Security Risks and Solutions: The TRUST aWARE Technical Meeting at the ABI Lab Forum

On March 27th, ABI Lab will host the second TRUST aWARE technical meeting, titled “Privacy and Security Threats: Analysis and Tools”.

The Annual Data Protection Officers Forum reaches its fourth edition

The European Banking Federation (EBF) celebrated the fourth edition of the Data Protection Officers Forum (DPO Forum) on November 30, 2023, in Brussels. The event brought together over 45 DPOs from 18 countries across Europe, along with representatives from Data Protection Authorities (DPAs), the European Commission, and other key institutions.

The September TRUST aWARE newsletter is out!

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TRUST aWARE at EmpoderaLIVE 2023: the leading event on Digital Citizen Sovereignty and Civic Technology solutions in Europe

In an increasingly digitalised world, the protection of citizens’ rights online has become a fundamental concern. How can we ensure that our rights and freedoms are safe on the vast territory of the Internet? To address this issue and explore innovative solutions, EmpoderaLIVE 2023 brought together advocates of Digital Citizen Sovereignty, on September 26 and 27, 2023, at the Echegaray Theater in Malaga. The event was organised by TRUST aWARE partners Fundación Cibervoluntarios.

TRUST aWARE will be attending the European Big Data Value Forum

TRUST aWARE is excited to announce its participation in the European Big Data Value Forum (EBDVF) 2023, set to take place from October 25th to 27th in Valencia, Spain. The event will focus on ‘Data and AI in action: sustainable impact and future realities’.

Navigating the digital fortress: Insights from Fondazione Mondo Digitale on cybersecurity and more

In our conversation, Annaleda and Marco shared their perspectives on a wide range of topics, from the role of their organisation in collaboration with TRUST aWARE, to the global challenges and trends shaping cybersecurity research. We delved into the future of cybersecurity, the objectives behind their upcoming awareness campaign, and the impact of digital engagement with citizens on building stronger cyber protections.

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