Enhancing Digital Security, Privacy and TRUST in softWARE


To protect consumers against security and privacy (S&P) cyberthreats (attacks, abusive practices and inappropriate behaviours of digital services).


For Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Authorities to ensure that digital products are transparent, secure and in compliance with regulation.


To foster S&P-by-design in software engineering by supporting developers and digital service operators with standards and certification methods.

Overall mission

TRUST aWARE mission is to provide a holistic and effective digital Security & Privacy (S&P) framework comprising a set of novel and integrated tools and services co-created by citizens and stakeholders (CERTs, DPAs, organisations, developers and policy-makers) to identify, audit, analyse, prevent, and mitigate the impact of the various S&P threats associated with citizen’s digital activities in a timely manner, while enhancing software trust and regulatory compliance.


The project addresses a complex socio-technical challenge that requires an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to be successfully addressed. The expertise brought by the partners forming this consortium reflects this multidisciplinary approach that will enrich the projects efforts, and the quality of outcomes.

For fostering the transfer of knowledge and exploitation of TRUST aWARE, a strong public-private partnership has been established among 12 partners from 7 European countries: 4 user associations, 3 industrial companies, 3 research organisations, 1 CERT body and 1 international platform.

Tree Technology S.A.
Fundación Cibervoluntarios
InfoCons Association
E-Seniors Association
Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Trilateral Research Limited Ireland
IMDEA Networks Institute
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
French National Center for Scientific Research
ABI Lab Centro di ricerca e innovazione per la banca – CERT Finanziario Italiano
IoT Lab

Latest posts

The complexities of FOTA Apps in the Android ecosystem

Android firmware updates are typically managed by the so-called FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air) apps. Such apps are highly privileged and play a critical role in maintaining devices secured and updated. The Android operating system offers standard mechanisms to vendors to implement their own FOTA apps, but such vendor-specific implementations could be a source of security and privacy issues due to poor software engineering practices. In a recent large-scale study, TRUST AWARE members performed a systematic analysis of the FOTA ecosystem through a dataset of 2013 FOTA apps detected with a tool designed for this purpose over 422,121 pre-installed apps. The findings include that 43% of FOTA apps are developed by third parties, that some devices can have as many as 5 apps implementing FOTA capabilities, and that some apps present behaviours that can be considered privacy intrusive, such as the collection of sensitive user data (e.g., geolocation linked to unique hardware identifiers), and a significant presence of third-party trackers.

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TRUST aWARE Partners with RomeCup2024 to Advance Robotics and AI for Sustainable Solutions

We are pleased to announce that TRUST aWARE, a pioneering project under Horizon 2020, is joining forces with the #RomeCup2024 event. Scheduled to take place from March 20th to 22nd, the RomeCup will be held at the University of Tor Vergata and Campidoglio.

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Banking Security Risks and Solutions: The TRUST aWARE Technical Meeting at the ABI Lab Forum

On March 27th, ABI Lab will host the second TRUST aWARE technical meeting, titled “Privacy and Security Threats: Analysis and Tools”.

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