Valuable Achievements of the TRUST aWARE Project

Valuable Achievements of the TRUST aWARE Project

The TRUST aWARE project has made significant strides in enhancing the security and privacy (S&P) ecosystem through active engagement with key stakeholders, including policymakers, regulators such as the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), and S&P incident response teams. One of the cornerstone achievements was the establishment of a robust community of stakeholders through the Advisory Board (AB). This board comprises key stakeholders and non-beneficiary organizations dedicated to the project’s success and voluntarily contributing to the European dialogue on security and privacy matters.

The project has fostered a structured and informed dialogue within specific domains, facilitating effective knowledge and technology transfer through a dynamic feedback loop. This process has not only validated project results but also provided invaluable advice on enhancing tools and data. Moreover, the AB has been instrumental in connecting TRUST aWARE with other European initiatives and institutional bodies, significantly amplifying the project’s outreach and impact through extensive dissemination and exploitation activities.

TRUST aWARE’s visibility at the EU level has been markedly increased thanks to the pivotal role of ABI Lab in the EU financial and banking community and the connections of AB members. Notably, the project’s collaborations with the European Banking Federation at the DPO Forum in Brussels on November 30, 2023, and the ABI Lab Forum in Milan on March 27, 2024, showcased its results to a wider audience of data protection specialists and technical professionals in the financial sector. These events featured participation from high-profile entities, highlighting pertinent security and privacy topics.

Key Solutions Developed and Key Exploitable Results (KER)

The TRUST aWARE project has developed several key solutions aimed at bolstering security and privacy across the European landscape. Central to these solutions is the creation of advanced tools and methodologies designed to enhance data protection and incident response capabilities. During the ABI Lab Forum in Milan, TRUST aWARE partners presented these innovative tools and project activities to stakeholders and Data Protection Officers (DPOs), engaging with entities such as ENISA and the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Key Exploitable Results (KER) from the project include the development of robust security tools validated through continuous stakeholder feedback. These tools address critical security and privacy challenges, providing practical solutions that can be integrated into various sectors, particularly the financial industry. The project’s approach to knowledge and technology transfer has ensured that these solutions are not only theoretically sound but also practically applicable, making a significant impact on enhancing data protection practices.

Moreover, the project’s collaboration with high-profile stakeholders and participation in major forums has facilitated the dissemination of these solutions, ensuring they reach a broad audience and have a lasting impact on the security and privacy landscape in Europe. This strategic dissemination and exploitation of project results have amplified the project’s visibility and influence, positioning TRUST aWARE as a pivotal initiative in the ongoing efforts to safeguard European data security and privacy.

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