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Synergies workshop: 16-17 October 2023 at NOVA University of Lisbon in Almada (Portugal)

TRUST aWARE will be joining cluster projects for a 2 day physical workshop. It is the first large-scale physical meeting of the Synergies Cluster about cyber security and data protection, and takes place this year in October.

TRUST aWARE team wins the prestigious “Best Paper Award Antonio Cerrato”

We have to share important news with you! Cibervoluntarios and TRUST aWARE have been awarded the prestigious “Best Paper Award Antonio Cerrato” for the article titled from a user-centric co-creation process and assessment approach to a cyber literacy path: the TRUST aWARE pilot experience”, presented by Andrés del Álamo Cienfuegos from the Cibervoluntarios Foundation at the TeleXbe conference. Discover how this collaboration between Cibervoluntarios and TrustAware is making a difference and providing new opportunities in the field of education and internet protection and security.

Unlocking innovation in financial services: ABI Lab’s journey in TRUST aWARE and beyond

ABI Lab, the Research and Innovation Centre, promoted by the Italian Banking Association (ABI), plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration between banks and ICT companies to strengthen the efficiency of financial services. Their expertise spans across areas such as Digital Transformation, Fintech, Blockchain/DLT, Cybersecurity, AI, IT&Operations, and Sustainable Banking Transition.
In our interview, we explore their role within the TRUST aWARE project, their contributions to the development of the Security & Privacy Cyber Threat Intelligence (S&P CTI) platform, and the expected benefits of this innovative solution. We also delve into the biggest challenges facing cybersecurity research today and their vision for the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Empowering citizens through technology: Cibervoluntarios’ role in TRUST aWARE project

In this interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with our TRUST aWARE partners, Ángel Sola and Andrés del Álamo from Cibervoluntarios, a Spanish non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting social innovation and digital volunteering. Cibervoluntarios has been striving to connect people, organisations, and causes in need through digital tools and technology. With a team of over 2,800 volunteers and partnerships with various institutions, the organisation has impacted thousands of lives in Spain and beyond. In this conversation, we will explore their role in TRUST aWARE, reflect on the challenges of cybersecurity and discuss the role of citizen engagement and digital volunteering in the 21st century.

Protecting our elders online: A conversation with E-Seniors Association on cybersecurity and TRUST aWARE project

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity threats are a growing concern for people of all ages. However, the elderly population is often more vulnerable to these threats due to a lack of familiarity with technology and the Internet. This is where organisations like E-Seniors Association come into play. E-Seniors is a non-profit organisation in France that provides training and support to elderly citizens in using digital tools safely and efficiently. As part of their efforts to address cybersecurity risks for seniors, E-Seniors is partnering with other organisations in the TRUST aWARE project. In this interview, we speak with Anaïs Fernandez and Daria Kyslitska, two project partners from E-Seniors Association to learn more about their role in the project and the trainings they are offering to help prevent cyber attacks against seniors. Keep reading to learn how to create a safer digital world for our elders!

Interview with Juan Tapiador, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Juan Tapiador is the leader of the UC3M team at the Department of Computer Science, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His team is developing tools to assist with promoting security and privacy analysis of software. Read our interview with him to learn more about what he and his team are working on, their work’s technical elements, and what role TRUST aWARE’s framework plays. Juan also identifies what he sees as the evolving future of cybersecurity; check it out.

Citizens are testing the TRUST aWARE digital solution to help improve their online privacy and security

Fifty-six participants have participated so far in the first workshops and events to test and co-create the TRUST aWARE digital tool in Spain hosted by Fundación Cibervoluntarios.

Interview with Annaleda Mazzucato, Fondazione Mondo Digitale

As part of the TRUST aWARE project, we would like to introduce you to our partner Annaleda Mazzucato from Fondazione Mondo Digitale. We chose to conduct a brief interview with Mrs Mazzucato to learn more about her involvement in the project and her interest in it.

Interview with Ángel Sola López, Fundación Cibervoluntarios

We would like to introduce you to our partner Ángel Sola López from Fundación Cibervoluntarios. As part of the project TRUST aWARE on which we are working together, we decided to conduct a brief interview with Mr Sola López to learn more about his enthusiasm for the initiative and his involvement in it.

Interview with Anaïs Fernández, E-Seniors Association

We would like to introduce you to our partner Anaïs Fernández from the E-Seniors Association with whom we are collaborating. We decided to have a short interview with Ms Fernández about her interest in the project and her role in it.

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